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Your gift of time makes an impact on the poor and homeless. At Gospel Rescue Mission there are so many ways to serve with your hands, your heart, your mind, and your soul. We are so grateful for the volunteers who serve alongside us, and we would never be able to serve the number of guests we do without their faithful contribution.

At this time of year, our community is most in need of volunteers to support our Holiday Banquets. Learn more about how you can participate!

How you can Help?

You can help with your...



Wash, fold, and sort bed linens and towels.


Transport guests to offsite service providers and other various locations.


Help keep our staff and guests safe so that we can continue to serve well every day.

Facilities Support

Landscaping, maintenance, gardening, and general grounds keeping.


An important part of treating our guests with dignity and respect is keeping our facility clean.

Donation Sorter

Work in the Community Ministries Distribution Center to organize clothing and product donations so we can most efficiently serve those in need.

Clothing Room Attendant

Serve guests as needed. Help select appropriate clothing for job interviews and court attendance. Sort, clean, and stock donated clothing.

Kitchen Assistants

It takes a lot of help to prepare nearly 1,000 meals daily!


We offer our guests "radical hospitality." Part of that means serving all the meals at the table "restaurant style" and treating them with dignity and respect.


Office Support

Use your administrative skills to help keep the mission running smoothly.

Professional Counselors

Many of our guests have experienced abuse and trauma that led them to substance abuse or into the downward spiral toward homelessness. Help give them the skills and confidence they need to succeed.


Provide guests in our recovery programs with valuable life-changing instruction on such things as life skills, financial literacy, and how to apply for a job.



Prayer is the foundation of everything we do, and Prayer Teams lead the way! You can serve the mission from afar or be available on site to pray with those in need.

Chaplains & Pastors

Help lead daily Bible study classes and/or chapel services.

Christian Mentors

So many of our guests meet Jesus at Gospel Rescue Mission. Help new disciples in their walk with Christ.


Creative Enrichment Instructors

Use your talents to bring joy to our guests. Teach them to play an instrument, paint, knit, or to make floral arrangements. We are open to ideas!

Child Development

Children who are homeless hold a special place in our hearts. Help these precious ones feel special and loved.

Intake Assistants

Help expedite the intake process so our guests can quickly begin their journey of healing.

Welcome Desk Greeters

A smile and a warm greeting for someone hurting or homeless can make all the difference.

Getting Started

Volunteering is fun and fulfilling, and helping others is a key to happiness! We will work with you to match your gifts and talents with our needs, or you can choose your area of service.

Step 1

Take the Tour

Find out more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.
Schedule a time to take the tour of our facilities.

Step 2

Fill Out Application On-site

Tell us about you and your gifts and skills when you visit us.
After you take the tour you will be given an application.

Step 3


Let the fun begin!

Volunteer Coordinator Bios

Rebecca Diaz

"I love being able to help people find the gifting within them that Gospel Rescue Mission can bring out that maybe they didn’t even know they could do before. Everyone has a God-given gift and an ability to serve others."

Suzanne Williams

"Most of our volunteers have never been to a homeless shelter before. But I give them a tour and they start talking to our guests and suddenly they’re sharing their own story. After a couple of weeks, they want to do more. Seeing that growth is exceptional!"

Ina Patton

"People at Gospel Rescue Mission care about the people who walk through the door and they care about each other. There is so much grace here! It doesn’t matter if you live in a million dollar house or on the streets. Life happens. When we are here together, we connect, we come alongside others and help them succeed."

Service Projects


Whether you are serving together as a company, a family, or with a youth, student, or church group, we always have large-scale weekly and one-time projects that require help from willing volunteers! We love seeing people have fun while helping those in need. Past groups have been involved in room renovation, painting, landscaping, donation sorting, etc.

We would love to add your group to this list. Contact us at volunteers@grmtucson.com or call (520) 740-1501 ext. 7032 to plan your next volunteer project.